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How to Stand Out as a Great Candidate for Telehealth Jobs

Land the Best Telehealth Jobs for You and Your Future

Telehealth jobs are a sure thing today and in the future for healthcare. Telehealth is here to stay, and many healthcare professionals are making the switch to telehealth to reap the benefits it provides. Which leaves you with one problem: you’re going to need to stand out to employers as a winning candidate to land the job you want.

At Telehealth Gigs, we have many telehealth jobs that will suit your goals and lifestyle needs. Here are the best ways you can ensure you can apply today with confidence, and land the job that is right for you.

1.    Optimize Your Resume

The resume is a key factor in landing a job interview, and your first opportunity to make a provider sit up and take notice. For this to happen, your resume must be concise, yet have all the pertinent information about your qualifications:

Read our article on how to compose a strong resume, as it’s an important stage in your application.

2.    Show Your Professionalism Online

There is a misconception that social media is only used for personal use. In reality, it is an important tool for establishing a professional online presence. Healthcare providers want to see how you present yourself to the world and if they can trust you with their patients.

It’s not enough to just have a professional profile picture or a clean background. You need to be consistent with your posts and online activity, not posting anything online that would be harmful to your reputation. Over posting will also showcase you as someone with low professional focus and who may be easily distracted.

Medical schools and hospitals weigh heavily on social media when screening potential candidates.

So, while it is okay to have a personal life, be sure that your profile is not dominated by the details of your personal life and instead reflects a professional persona.

3.    Go Above and Beyond in Your Current Role

You may want a change in your career, but don’t throw the towel in on your current provider. Never speak negatively of them in discussion with a potentially new provider, as this is seen as a red flag. Always remain professional, and provide the upmost care to patients wherever you work. It will strengthen your reputation, references, and employability.

4.    Join Professional Bodies and Organizations

Doing so will enhance your networking reach to likeminded professionals in your field of expertise or specialty, which is great for your career progression and creating opportunities for learning and development. It also helps you remain updated with the latest news and changes, which is critical to a successful career in telehealth.

The fact you’re actively seeking to learn and have some involvement in professional organizations is also beneficial and attractive to providers.

5.    Research the Provider

Knowing about the provider helps you understand why you’re a good fit for their telehealth team. Research their values, mission, and any achievements or challenges they’ve been involved with, and show a genuine interest in interview when other candidates may have not. They’ll see clear alignment between your values and ethical and moral views with theirs.

6.    Prepare for a Standout Virtual Interview

Some candidates will be great at their clinical roles, but don’t have the skills required for a career in telehealth. A virtual interview is an effective way for providers to evaluate whether you’re a good fit, so prepare. Read our article on how to show you’re the best candidate for your provider’s patients.

7.    Obtain Multiple Licenses Beforehand

The beauty of telehealth is that you can provide access to patients across America, from one place. The more state coverage you have, the more telehealth job opportunities you’ll have, the more valuable you’ll be to providers, and the more you can earn.

Be prepared, and have multiple licenses to hand and listed clearly on your resume.

8.    Know What Questions to Ask

One of the best ways to persuade a provider that you’re the best person for the job is to know that it’s the best job for you. Our article on questions to ask about a job offer will help you cover all the bases – check out our article, ‘Is this the right telehealth job for me?

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If you’re a standout candidate looking for rewarding telehealth jobs, search all the opportunities that await on the Telehealth Gigs jobs board. We have many healthcare providers waiting to find their standout candidate. What are you waiting for?