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Here’s Why Telemedicine Jobs Could Be Just What You Need

Telehealth – For Your Sanity and Salary

Telemedicine jobs are here to stay. Though this channel of providing healthcare has been around for a little while, the pandemic has caused a seismic shift in the need for telemedicine, increasing from 23 million visits in 2013, to up to one billion visits in 2020. (Read our article on why telehealth is the future.)

The need for telehealth professionals has of course responded to demand, creating a new, popular, and rewarding career choice.

While many healthcare professionals enjoy a career in full-time telemedicine jobs, they are also a great source of extra income and to enrich your experience.

In this article, you’ll figure how you can give your income a mega boost – whether that’s from working full-time, or strategically maximizing how you spend each working day with your new extra earning outlet.

You Can Choose When and How to Work

Working in telemedicine jobs allows you to have more control over how and when you work. Which is great for flexibility, but also a remarkably effective tool to ensure you maximize your earning potential per shift.

Depending on the platform and company you’re working with, you will earn per hour or per consult. If the company can provide you with high volumes of patients, then being paid per consult can be very financially rewarding, with each consult taking approximately 3-15 minutes.

If you’re somebody who takes a lot of time per consult, or the company can only offer low volumes of patients, then an hourly rate will be more beneficial.

You Can Choose Where to Work

Working remotely means you can reach out to the higher-paying regions, such as Texas, California, and New York. Telemedicine professionals maximize their earning ability by using time zones to their advantage, fulfilling uncivilized shift patterns that are suitable for them.

Having licenses with numerous states will broaden your reach to a deeper pool of patients, with higher-paying companies.

You Can Specialize

Certain fields in healthcare are in higher demand with reduced supply of expertise. So, if you have expert knowledge and qualifications, your earning potential will be greater.

You Can Work for More Than One Company

This must be checked with the contract you sign on enrolment of a new position with a company, but often you will be able to work for numerous providers, filling their voids and maximizing your earnings.

Get in touch with a staffing agency, who will have a host of employers in need of your expertise and availability. With organization and forward-planning, each month could see huge rewards.

You Can Increase Your Income as a Side Job

Don’t assume that you’ll have to give up your full-time career to begin a new one in telemedicine. In fact, many healthcare professionals are drastically topping up their income by working telemedicine as a ‘side hustle’.

With control over:

  • when and how you work;
  • who you work for;
  • who you reach out to;
  • and what skills you apply to meet patient demand,

you can hugely benefit from increased income when it suits you, as well as gain new skills and invaluable experience in your profession.

Summing Up

There’s a whole catalogue of reasons why telemedicine jobs are so appealing to healthcare professionals, providing an essential service to patients from their own homes. But for you as an individual, you have the power to manage just how much you earn and how much you learn, without even leaving your current job.

Let’s get ready. Learn how to conduct the perfect virtual consultation, and get your resume ready to stand out from your competition.

The world of telemedicine awaits you. Start your search for rewarding and enjoyable telemedicine jobs today, with TeleHealth Gigs.