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7 Tips to Transition to a Career in Telehealth Jobs

Make the Move to Succeed – Here’s How

You’re a healthcare professional considering telehealth jobs as your next career move. But how should you transition from a clinical setting to telehealth?

If you’re fed up with a career and shifts that don’t suit your lifestyle and upset your work-life balance, the rapid rise in telehealth will give you a secure future.

Transitioning to a career in telehealth is an exciting and pivotal move. Here’s how to do it so you hit the ground running.

1.    Check You Have the Telehealth Skills

Have you checked that a career in telehealth is right for you? Not everyone is cut out for working remotely, and it’s important you make a career change that will make you happy and successful for the long term. The following skills are what providers seek in telehealth candidates:

  • Coaching and communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Ethical awareness
  • Adaptability
  • A supportive attitude
  • Patience

Despite its benefits, it’s harder to provide the care and advice patients need online effectively. But if you have these skills, you should get those 5-star patient reviews and boost your earnings.

2.    Know Your Role in Telehealth

There are various ways telehealth is used to provide better patient outcomes, such as:

·      Live Video Conferencing

Real-time consultations with patients.

·      Store-and-Forward Asynchronous Telehealth

Retrieving stored medical data in a virtual waiting room to evaluate and respond to the patient or clinician within a timeframe.

·      Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitoring patients’ vital signs and data digitally, or responding to activity.

·      Mobile Health

Supporting apps and software that patients are increasingly using for better education, behaviors, and holistic approaches to self-care and prevention.

·      Medical Imaging

If you’re a cardiologist or radiologist, for example, receiving, assessing, and reporting diagnoses or treatment plans back to facilities.

Your profession and skillset will help you choose a telehealth career option that would work best to your advantage and abilities.

3.    Check Your Workspace

Some telehealth providers will require you to work remotely from home. Can you facilitate this? You must consider fellow residents, disturbances, and responsibilities that may affect your ability to provide confidential care and attention to patients in a professional-looking environment.

It will also need to be a space that allows you to concentrate, organize, and set boundaries between your private life and professional life to avoid burnout and mindfully manage stress.

4.    Check Your Tech

You’ll need good connectivity, and a decent computer and webcam. What’s your bandwidth from your intended workspace? Do you know which computer you should have, or level of quality in a webcam? Don’t worry – our Tech Tips to Excel in Telehealth Jobs will help you.

5.    Get Your Licenses

In telehealth, you get to enjoy pay packet-boosting patient volumes, all from the comfort of your residential state. You do, however, need state licenses for where your patients reside. The more licenses you have, the wider your reach, and the more valuable you are to healthcare providers.

6.    Boost Your Resume

Your resume is the key to unlocking the door of telehealth opportunity. Make sure you keep it clear and concise, and list all the skills we’ve mentioned in this article that providers will need for their telehealth jobs. Also clearly state the licenses you hold, and always keep your resume updated.

Have it ready in a file to swiftly send off to the latest telehealth jobs. Keep an eye on the Telehealth Gigs jobs board!

7.    Practice Interviewing – and Consulting – Virtually

Providers will likely test your ability to communicate virtually – and the best way to do this is to interview you virtually. To prepare for an interview for telehealth jobs, you should:

  • Test your technology
  • Make sure your room is prepared
  • Dress to impress
  • Prepare your questions and answers
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Answer each question with purpose

Want some more tips and advice? Head over to our article that discusses 6 steps to interview fantastically, virtually.

The Time to Transition to Telehealth Is Now

You’re in a strong, confident position to take a massive leap ahead in your healthcare career into telehealth jobs. America’s patients and providers need you, and you have everything they need. You know where your place is in telehealth, and how you can achieve it to benefit from exceptional job satisfaction, great earnings, and work/life balance.

Ready to discover the telehealth jobs for you? Check out the Telehealth Gigs jobs board – with more than 10,000 jobs available at the time of writing, your future is just a click away.