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Fed Up Having Shifts That Don’t Suit? It’s Time to Consider Telemedicine Jobs

Shiftwork to Suit Your Lifestyle

If you’re looking for telemedicine jobs because you’re tired of shift work affecting your home life, and even mental wellbeing, then you’re certainly not alone.

According to the State of Remote Work report, 80% of Americans say they want to work from home  – and that was last year, before the coronavirus pandemic hit and put extra pressure on workers, especially those in healthcare.

Flexibility has become one of the highest-ranked benefits for job seekers. While working from home was never a seriously considered option in the healthcare sector, thanks to COVID-19 it is now.

In fact, according to research by Frost & Sullivan titled ‘Telehealth – A Technology-Based Weapon in the War Against Coronavirus’, demand for telehealth services has rocketed by at least 100% because of the pandemic.

In short, if you’re a medical professional who’s fed up with the mundane shifts that corrupt your work/life balance, now is the time to consider telemedicine jobs. In this article, you’ll discover why.

You Can Choose How to Earn Money and Maximize Earnings

When you work in telehealth, you have far greater flexibility to choose when and how you work. No more anxiously waiting for a disappointing rota that always falls on the days or times you need off.

In telehealth there are part- and full-time options, and you can block the days you need off in advance. Additionally, companies pay differently, either by consult or per hour. Therefore, you have a choice as to how you earn.

When you carefully manage how you earn and when, you can maximize your shifts’ earning potential as well as having a more productive personal life.

Increased Productivity

According to Forbes, studies show that productivity can increase by 47% when working from home.

Perhaps it’s the reduced distractions of work politics now you’re not in a clinical setting.

Maybe it’s the satisfaction of working in the comfort of your own home that motivates you to achieve.

It could be the increased earnings you’re making per consult.

It’s likely a combination of all the great benefits of working in telehealth that are getting your productivity juices flowing.

The best bit is that the more productive you are, the greater your earnings potential.

No Commute

The Washington Post reported in 2019 that the average American worker lost 225 hours to commuting to work. The result is grim:

  • Reduced job satisfaction
  • Reduced productivity
  • Increased sick days
  • Increased health risks, such as obesity and high blood pressure
  • Even higher rates of divorce, and social and emotional problems

Working in the healthcare profession has enough trials and tribulations already. But in telemedicine, you can say goodbye to a crippling commute. Remove the traffic factor from your daily routine, and enjoy the clear view ahead in the telemedicine lane.

Reduced Childcare Costs

When you’re not working shifts, you can work your own schedule around your children. And this means reduced expense on after-school clubs and childcare sessions.

In telemedicine, you can work how you want to, and be there at the school gates every day.

Home Commitments

Many healthcare professionals have transitioned to telemedicine to accommodate the commitments they have at home. When working in telemedicine, you can:

  • Take care of an elderly relative
  • Be there for family events
  • Enjoy your love for your pets and hobbies (no more dog walkers required)
  • Attend appointments without question
  • Enjoy side jobs that you may have for fun, such as crafts you sell online

The environment that you work in at home should be both enjoyable and minimize distractions. For tips to create a happier home work space, please refer to ReMax’s tips and advice to Design a Home Office Guide.

Having control over your shifts in telemedicine allows you to fulfill life commitments as well as and beyond a successful career in healthcare.


You may be one of many healthcare professionals who join the world of telemedicine to access a desired world of travel. That’s the power of telemedicine.

From your residence, you can reach out far and wide, obtaining licenses to work for various states, including the most highly-paid Texas, New York, California, and Florida.

And who’s to say where your laptop will be plugged in? You choose how and where you work in telemedicine – it’s a ticket to see places you never would have done from underneath the weight of shift work.

Summing Up: Your Mental Wellbeing

With all these incredible benefits to no longer being tied down to shift work, telemedicine can have a hugely positive effect on your mental wellbeing.

Can you imagine a life in a career you relish, earning well, and having control over how you earn it, making plenty of room to do all the things you need to do and the things you love? Being there for your family?

No need to imagine. If you are ready to design your work around your life, rather than your life around your work, it’s time to discover your next telemedicine job here with TeleHealth Gigs.

(And if you want to get your telehealth skills ready, click here to learn how to conduct the perfect virtual consultation.)