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How to Get 5-Star Ratings from Online Patients

In Return, You’ll Enjoy a 5-Star Career

In telehealth jobs, you seek to provide the best care to your online patients. But what are your patients saying about you once that consultation disconnects? Will it have an impact?

The answer is a resounding yes. Absolutely. How a patient rates you and the care you provide can massively affect your reputation and financial success, as well as your employer’s.

SoftwareAdvice discovered that 61% of participating patients seeking care begin their search with assessing reviews first.

Covid-19 compelled patients and providers to assess the benefits of telehealth. The result was a huge leap in the use of telehealth services very quickly. It’s highly likely that more patients will leave online feedback – positive and negative.

Here, we share strategies to get the 5-star ratings that will fuel a rewarding and more enjoyable career in telehealth.

Why Is Patient Satisfaction Important?

Patient satisfaction helps potential new patients determine the level of care they will receive from you. Through word of mouth or online reviews, patients trust the experiences of others.

Even though patient perceptions do not necessarily correlate with the clinical outcome, they can determine payment to hospitals and providers, and therefore you as a telehealth professional.

Equally importantly, when a patient feels the care is of good quality, they are more likely to be compliant with treatment, thus improving results and outcomes.

What Patients Want

You’ve got the qualifications and expertise to diagnose and develop a treatment plan. This is expected. To go above and beyond and get those 5-star reviews, here’s what patients are looking for:

·      Humaneness

Your ‘webside manner’. The personal, empathetic touch.

Ensure you maintain eye contact and provide a warmth that confirms to the patient that you genuinely care. Reviewing patient records will give you a good understanding of the patient’s history before you contact them.

·      Technical Competence

Don’t be seen flustering over technical issues. Ensure you’re fully trained in the technology you’re using, and have support ready on standby.

You must be competent in the tools you use, and provide knowledgeable guidance for patients who may not be as comfortable using it.

·      Patience

Though convenient, technology is not everyone’s preferred method of communicating. Have patience with every individual, and provide plenty of time for each consultation.

·      Aftercare and Continuity

Patients like follow-ups – it shows you genuinely care about their outcome, and enhances that personal touch. It also exposes potential medical problems before they worsen.

Ensure you schedule follow-up appointments into your working day, and check in with your patients to provide that gold-standard continuity of care.

·      Reduced Wait Times

Patients don’t like waiting. Some may have scheduled their appointment in their lunch break, while others may have limited technical or childcare support at home.

Ensure you are highly organized to maximize punctuality and reduce your wait times. Patients waiting for a virtual connection may fear a technical glitch, which will get you off to a bad start.

·      Excellent Communication

Don’t leave a patient feeling baffled, unsure, and worried over your instructions.

Make sure you compensate for the lack of physical presence, by patiently ensuring they understand the next steps and instructions before you disconnect.

Offer them ways to get in touch if they have any questions. Reassurance and support will go an exceedingly long way.

Learn How to Conduct the Perfect Virtual Consultation

The umbrella that holds all your telehealth skills together is your ability to conduct an effective consultation that puts the patient at ease. Make sure you:

  • Use high-quality equipment
  • Can be seen and heard clearly
  • Prepare for the patient
  • Follow consultation protocol
  • Are engaging, and stay engaged
  • Are prepared for technical problems
  • Conclude instructions and plans clearly to the patient

You can read about how to prepare in more detail, in our article ‘How to Conduct the Perfect Consultation’.

Start Your 5-Star Career in Telehealth

Consumers across all industries are heading online to voice their experiences. Healthcare is no different. In fact, now telehealth is becoming a common way to access healthcare, we’ll see much more feedback from patients following their virtual experience with you.

Negative reviews can be crushing. In contrast, 5-star reviews can send your reputation and earning ability soaring. Additionally, you’ll find you will enjoy your telemedicine job even more – and enhance your skills to become an exceptional telehealth professional.

If you don’t feel your current role provides you with the technology, training, or support to help you achieve this, it may be time to consider new telehealth jobs. Contact TeleHealth Gigs today for the 5-star telehealth job you deserve.