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7 Reasons Telehealth Jobs Are Here to Stay

Why Providers and Patients Need You – And You Need Telehealth

Considering a career in telehealth jobs? You love the benefits you’ll enjoy in telehealth jobs, such as control over your schedule, increased earnings, and the room to progress your career. But does it provide stability, or is it a short-term pandemic fix?

The short answer is that telehealth jobs are to here to stay. The pandemic may have seen a surge in the use of telehealth, but its advantages are proving too good to go back on. Even among younger patients (aged 18 to 44), 45% would prefer telehealth visits to in-person.

Patients want telehealth, and so do healthcare providers. Here are seven reasons why.

1.    Flexibility for Patients

Telehealth is hugely attractive to patients for its flexibility, allowing appointments to be booked in more convenient timeslots, such as lunch breaks or evening appointments.

This has a very positive knock-on effect for healthcare practitioners. Schedules and working hours can be flexible to fit in with the personal lives of healthcare professionals. Commute is also reduced, leaving more flexibility for open appointments.

Doctors can work in various states from one location – this means time zones can work in your favor as a professional.

The result is convenience for patients, and a healthy work/life balance for those in telehealth jobs.

2.    Greater Patient Reach

Patients no longer need to be local to access your care. This used to be a huge concern for patients in rural or less local locations to access the care they need. Now, with telehealth, patients can reach the help they need from pretty much anywhere they need across America.

With the correct licensure, your patient pool is no longer limited. You and your provider unlock your ability to provide care across a much wider reach, drastically increasing patient volumes.

3.    Improved Company Incomes

With more patients comes more revenue. Healthcare providers have less overheads, from waiting room facilities to car parks, and everything in between. As an individual, your productivity will also soar, with a seamless schedule of fast-connected patients.

4.    No More Free Work

The regular tasks for follow-up communications you must fulfil as a healthcare professional becomes a chargeable service in telehealth, boosting your income and improving the quality of service to patients.

5.    Improved Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction

Telehealth is providing much faster, more regular patient care. With the logistics of attending physical appointments eliminated, and with faster connectivity to achieve diagnoses and treatment plans, patients receive more timely care. They’re being monitored more regularly through ease of attending, and therefore prevention is reducing the need to cure.

The results are improved patient satisfaction, reduced costs to providers, and five-star ratings that boost your reputation and patient base.

6.    Reduced No-Shows

To attend appointments, patients no longer need to accommodate:

  • time off work
  • the need for a carer’s availability to help them attend
  • the commute
  • childcare costs
  • loss of business costs
  • car parking and travel expenses

The convenience of telehealth means patients are much more likely to ‘attend’ their appointments at a convenient time from their home or desk. This avoids damaging costs to providers. As a telehealth professional, if an appointment is canceled it is easier to schedule in a replacement.

This equates to much higher productivity and income for both the provider and you.

7.    Eliminated Exposure to Infections

Exposure to viruses and infections can lead to costly time off work, impacting your own earnings and health, the provider you work for, and the list of patients waiting to receive care. With telehealth, you’ll be working in a controlled healthcare facility, or the comfort of your own home – greatly reducing, or even eliminating, your risk of exposure to disease.

Conclusion: Telehealth Jobs Are the Future of Healthcare

Patients love telehealth. Providers love telehealth. Healthcare professionals adore telehealth. Each party is embracing the convenience, speed, flexibility, reduced costs, and better, regular care telehealth offers.

We can confidently conclude that telehealth is here to stay, and the future for telehealth jobs is bright. Your future is bright. Start it here – look at the Telehealth Gigs jobs board for your next incredible opportunity.