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The Ultimate Home Office Set-Up for Telehealth Jobs

Boost Your Productivity and Wellbeing from Your Home

Working telehealth jobs from home sounded relaxing at first. But you’ll quickly discover that it’s only comfortable and effective when you create the right home office set-up.

Getting your home office wrong can cost you your productivity and health. You’ll be at high risk of suffering:

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Back and neck strain
  • Poor posture

A study from UpRight and Ernst & Young found that good posture increases productivity by 75%. A strong majority (71%) of employees in the survey also found that good posture increased their confidence.

Telehealth is here to stay. As well as productivity and health, having the right home set-up can help you enjoy your role in an environment that invigorates and supports your role in telehealth. This home office checklist will help to ensure you get the most out of jobs in telehealth.

A Good Desk

A desk isn’t just a table for your monitor. You should invest in a desk that will provide you plenty of space to work effectively. You may need two monitors. A wide desk will accommodate this and ensure you’re not cramped against the screens. You’ll also need space for paperwork and stationery.

Take into consideration your height. You may also want to consider desks that raise and allow you to stand, but make sure this works for your consultations with patients.

An Ergonomic Chair

Poor posture starts with your chair, so invest in the right one. Remember that an ergonomics chair is only effective when you adjust the settings to suit you.

Make sure your chair works well with your desk, allowing clearance behind your knees when seated against the backrest. You can also buy other supporting items such as sitting wedges or lumbar cushions for that extra support.

A Good Light

You should ideally sit with natural light at your front – it helps patients see you clearly, and natural light is good for your wellbeing. You’ll also need an office light with a soft and mellow tone – again, positioned so that it doesn’t hinder your appearance to patients.

Get the balance right between a harshly bright light and a light that is too dim and forces your eyes to work harder.

Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

Buy a keyboard and mouse that provide wrist support and cushioning, and are redesigned for ease of use.

You can also purchase frames that hold your keyboard at an angle. Getting this right at what works for you will drastically reduce the risks of developing carpel tunnel syndrome.

Laptop Stand

If you work from a laptop, it’s likely its height will be causing you to tilt your neck down, which will cause severe discomfort over time. You can buy a stand that holds your laptop at eye level – a great solution for posture and a perfect consultation viewpoint.


The following items are must-have technology for you to work well in telehealth jobs:

  • A monitor with a wide screen – consider working from two if it helps your day
  • A good Wi-Fi connection close to your office
  • Earphones or headset
  • Webcam – a moveable one is best, and worth investing in a back-up
  • Work phone – leaving your personal one switched off
  • A calendar – perhaps set up on your computer, to ensure you stay on top of tasks (ensure you switch voice reminders off to protect confidentiality and interruptions during consultations)

Keep other gadgets to a minimum unless they truly help your working day.

Filing and Shelving Storage

Make sure you have plenty of storage for paperwork and patient records, so that your desk can remain clear, your working day organized, and your stationery well stocked.

Calming Décor

For telemedicine, soothing décor is ideal for both you and your patients. Opt for light pastel colors, and avoid darkening or abstract wallpaper and art.


Having a little greenery in your home can boost your productivity by 15%. Breathe some fresh air into your office with a plant – they’re therapeutic and help manage stress.

Music Pod

In between consultations, play a little music to keep you motivated and energized. Make sure this is easily operable, so that you can switch off easily during consultations.

Set Up for the Best Telehealth Jobs

Having the right office set-up from home will ensure you’re working at your ultimate performance, because you’re comfortable, energized, and organized. You’ll be able to work at full capacity, and maximize your earnings, too.

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