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How Tech Is Shaping Telemedicine Jobs

Today Is Just the Beginning of Telehealth

Telemedicine jobs and the telehealth industry are changing the way medical practice is delivered across the United States. It’s all thanks to the wonders of technology; but the telehealth evolution has only just begun.

The telemedicine industry is set to grow globally at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.7%. Driving factors of growth include:

  • The need to increase access to healthcare
  • An aging population increasing chronic diseases and conditions
  • Government support
  • Increased wellbeing awareness
  • Increased mental illness
  • A shortage of healthcare professionals

Most crucially, the rise of technology adoption in the wake of the pandemic is helping telehealth to develop at a fast and highly beneficial pace.

Telehealth may be revolutionizing how medical practice is delivered, but technology is revolutionizing telemedicine jobs.

Holistic Approach

Patients are increasingly aware of self-care and the importance of taking responsibility for their own health. Apps and tech tools are helping patients monitor their own health status, supporting healthcare professionals to consistently monitor progress and prevent issues arising, without the need for in-person appointments.

RPM tools

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) tools provide real-time data to both patients and telehealth professionals through various internet-based devices, such as:

  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Blood-oxygen sensors
  • IoT glucose meters
  • IoT thermometers
  • Health bands

This allows telehealth practitioners to receive and interpret data for treatment planning, monitoring, and diagnosis.

Health Equity

Telehealth is eliminating a concern that has always existed: health equity. This means unfair differences in health among social, geographic, economic, and demographic groups are eliminated.

Access to healthcare is more easily provided to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, and geography, providing an equal health platform and tackling health issues across the board.


Through telehealth and technology, the U.S. health infrastructure can more freely share data at speed between professionals, departments, and healthcare facilities. As such, diagnoses are made quicker, medication received faster, treatment is more consistent, and worsened outcomes requiring treatment are reduced.

Improved Mental Health Services

Technology is providing the fast access mental health patients need. In 2018, Mental Health America found that 56% of American adults who have a mental illness did not receive treatment. Over 1.7 million youths who suffered major depressive episodes did not receive the help they needed.

The pandemic caused a further huge spike in mental health issues, but also awareness. With the gates opened through telemedicine, patients are reaching out. They’re more likely to attend through convenience of access. They’re more likely to speak in their comfort zone. And they receive the consistent, regular care mental health requires.

Patients Are Getting Tech Savvy

The elderly generation, though generally less likely to use technology, are increasingly becoming regular users. Easy health apps are encouraging use, developing confidence in a generation who are new to technology. With excellent coaching skills and patience from professionals in telemedicine jobs, technology will enable effective telehealth provision.

Increased Cybersecurity

The world of telemedicine has lagged other industries due to confidentiality issues and cybersecurity. Though cyber threats remain, the use of encryption and blockchain will help to ensure telemedicine services remain strictly HIPAA compliant.

Increased Areas of Expertise in Telemedicine Jobs

Telemedicine is becoming a field of expertise in healthcare. As healthcare professionals engage in a streamlined virtual community, the world of telemedicine is creating branches of career paths to further enhance specific skillsets and quality of care to patients; for example, data analytics.

Improved Profession Lifestyle

Healthcare professionals are enjoying the healthy work/life balance that comes with telemedicine jobs. With a level of control over their own working day as well as some flexibility to support personal commitments, it’s possible the shortage in healthcare skills will narrow.

Combining healthcare qualifications with an improved professional and personal balance is proving highly rewarding and popular, and is set to do so for the future.

Reap the Benefits of Telemedicine Jobs, Starting Today

The telehealth industry sat patiently waiting for the world to unlock its potential. It may have taken a global pandemic, but it’s here, and it’s the future. As we’ve shown, this is all thanks to technology. But technology can only take it so far. It needs healthcare professionals like you to start their career in telemedicine jobs, providing high-quality care to patients, and enjoying a high-quality lifestyle.

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