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7 Reasons Why Telehealth Jobs Will Continue to Grow Beyond 2021

How Telehealth Saved Yesterday and Carved a Path for Tomorrow

In 2019, Telehealth jobs provided care to just 11% of U.S. consumers in 2019, according to McKinsey & Company. Then came 2020: the year the pandemic erupted, prompting an explosion of telehealth appointments. A study conducted by JAMA Network Open found that the use of telehealth services increased by 1000% in March 2020, and a colossal 4000% the following month.

The benefits are proving too good to reverse. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has already made it clear that telehealth should have been in place long before the coronavirus set in. He plans to delegate resources and focus on increasing telehealth services.

In this article, you’ll learn why telehealth wasn’t just a savior in healthcare today, but also a pivotal change toward the future.

Why Everyone Wants Telehealth to Stay

The advantages of telehealth are benefiting patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare providers. Here are some of the reasons why:

1.     Provides Easier Access

Elderly care home residents or those with disabilities no longer need to find someone to take them. Also, people with busy lives or those who live in rural areas can access care quicker and easier, without logistical problems causing delays or cancellations.

2.     Speeds Up Treatment and Provides Continuity

Appointments are filled faster, and patients are seen quicker. Last-minute cancellations can easily be filled with someone else.

Additionally, digital communication between healthcare professionals speeds up treatment plans, diagnoses, and prescriptions.

Care becomes continuous and preventative – a strong benefit in avoiding further care being required.

3.     Saves Money

Telehealth is more convenient to patients, meaning they’re less likely to cancel, thus reducing wasted clinical time.

Additionally, you can work on a per-hour basis or per-consultation basis as a professional, and maximize your earnings.

4.     Frees Up Hospitals and Car Parks

Hospitals can focus on providing care and resources spent on those who need in-hospital treatment, with precious car park spaces available to those needing physical care.

5.     Saves Time and Money for Patients

Patients no longer need take to an afternoon off work, or pay for childcare, to attend a short appointment. With telehealth, they can attend in their lunch break.

6.     Widens Reach

The service you provide is no longer limited to local patients. More patients can access the care they need, while hospitals can increase revenue and healthcare professionals can earn more and provide more appropriate care.

7.     Provides a Healthier Work/Life Balance

Working in telehealth jobs means you have more control over how you work:

  • Your commute is reduced
  • You can enjoy a better work/home life
  • You can tend to your responsibilities or hobbies
  • You can manage your own workload
  • You’ll spend your breaks how you like – with friends, or a fresh walk with the dog

What Skills Do You Need in Telehealth Jobs?

You became a healthcare professional for the love of caring and your field of expertise. You suffered the shift work and commute to enable you to do so. Telehealth has created a whole new world of working.

If you desire a future in telehealth, you’ll need to:

  • Be highly organized
  • Be good at coaching patients
  • Be patient
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Be a critical thinker

Read our article on key skills for telemedicine jobs, and ensure you optimize you resume to showcase them.

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Start Your New Future with Telehealth Jobs

There are plentiful reasons telehealth jobs are on the increase. Healthcare will always be in demand, and your job will remain secure. Hospitals and patients alike can hugely benefit from your expertise. Most importantly for you, telehealth is carving your dream job. It’s the profession you always wanted to be in, with all the added perks you never thought you’d have. For the best available telehealth jobs, view the TeleHealth Gigs jobs board.