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Applying for Telemedicine Nurse Practitioner Jobs? Here’s How to Make Your Application Pop

How to Highlight the Skills That Will Mark You Out as the Not-to-Miss Candidate

You’re about to apply for telemedicine nurse practitioner jobs. You’re top of your game, and you’re confident you have the skillset to succeed. You may be right. But you’ve got to make certain that your application makes the hiring manager sit up and take notice.

How do you do this?

Identify the Skills You Need in Telehealth

Your first step is to identify the skills that are most sought after by telemedicine providers. Of course, you’ll need the basic skills of a nurse practitioner.

You’ll have good clinical skills, work well in a team, and be caring and compassionate. You’ll show empathy toward your patients, and be well organized. While such skills are necessary, they aren’t going to make you stand out as a top candidate for telehealth nursing. It’s the nice-to-have skills that are going to win you a virtual interview.

The skills that will mark you out as exceptional include:

  • Excellent communication
  • Analytical/diagnostic
  • Time management
  • Flexibility
  • Good with technology

Highlight These Key Skills

On your resume or application form, make sure that you highlight these key skills. Place keywords in bold, or provide bullet-pointed lists that draw the reader’s eye to them. A tip here is to read the job description, and note what words the telehealth provider uses to describe the role and the skills, experience, and knowledge are asked for.

Excellent Communication Skills

You’ll be working either via video or phone, so you’ll need to be a great listener. This will help you connect with your patients and build positive rapport with them.

You’ll also need good verbal skills, with the ability to explain clearly and in easy-to-understand language. You’ll need to know how to assess patient understanding, so you put patients at ease and improve their confidence in you.

Of course, you’ll be providing written communication to your team, and so must demonstrate that you can convey symptoms and diagnoses with clarity and conciseness.


You’ll be good at deciphering patient notes quickly, and even better at gleaning the information you need in a short space of time to make a diagnosis with limited information. But you won’t rush. You gather the information you need by asking the right questions. Then you use your experience and knowledge to build a full picture and draw an informed decision.

Time management

Working at home, you’ll need to show that you have advanced skills in time management. You’ll need to be a good time scheduler, able to consult with patients in the time allotted and move seamlessly from one appointment to the next. You will assure the employer that you allow time for paperwork, and understand the value of accuracy.


You may need to provide cover for colleagues, and understand the need to be flexible. This includes working with different patients and using your skillset to care for people with varied health conditions.

Good with Technology

Working in telehealth, your success is reliant on your ability to use technology effectively as well as your skills as a nurse practitioner. You’ll be comfortable with new technology, and a quick learner of new systems. You’ll also have a good internet connection and excellent webcam and microphone.

Now You’re Ready to Make Your Telemedicine Nurse Practitioner Application Pop

You resume, application, cover letter, and any other supporting material for your application should ensure that ALL your skills are highlighted.

Don’t leave out anything. Show that you are a team member who can work independently. Demonstrate that you can multitask and organize your time and schedule effectively. Demonstrate your capability to carry out the duties of a nurse practitioner, and show that you have the additional skills to make you the perfect candidate as a nurse practitioner in telehealth.

It could be time to make the move into a telehealth job – and benefit from all the advantages that working from home and doing the job you love offers. Contact Telehealth Gigs to learn more and discover hundreds of jobs in telehealth that are waiting for your application.