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Is It Time to Make the Move to Jobs in Telehealth?

7 Signs It Is Time to Quit Your Current Healthcare Job

Have you considered jobs in telehealth? If you are dissatisfied with your current job in healthcare, then maybe you should. But are you ready to make the move, or is it just one of those times where you wish you were doing something different?

A rapidly-growing sector, telehealth is certainly here to stay. But as a physician, you’ll find the job is very different to what you are currently used to working in a healthcare facility. You’ll also find that it offers many benefits – flexible hours, no commute, good rates of pay, a better work/life balance, to name but a few.

Before you dig deeper and do your research into a career in telehealth, you should be sure that you are ready to take a new direction. This article will help you make that decision.

Signs That You Are Ready to Move to Telehealth Jobs

There are many signs that you are becoming dissatisfied with your current job and are ready to make a move. You may feel jaded every day, have a poor relationship with your boss, or perhaps your working week is eating into your free time.

We all have those days when we think about throwing in the towel, but if any of the following signs are consistent or persistent, you’re getting to the stage that you need to make a change for your own sanity. The more of these signs you are experiencing, and the more constant they are, the stronger the need for you to consider a change.

1. You feel stressed, all the time

Jobs in healthcare are stressful, but this year has been unusually so.  A 2016 study by the University of Toledo (Ohio) found that 92% of nurses had work-related stress levels ranging from moderate to very high. Another study found that the suicide rate among doctors is twice as high as the suicide rate among the general population.

Stress impacts your ability to work, to make good decisions, and your home life. If you’re feeling stressed, take the hint.

2. You’re Tired, but Can’t Sleep

Poor sleep is often a result of stress. And when you don’t sleep well, you feel tired. Your brain wants to switch off. Eventually your mood becomes uneven. You snap for no reason. This can lead to your colleagues shunning you, and that’s going to be harmful for your mental wellbeing and your career prospects.

3. The Money Means More to You Than the Patients

Okay, you need to earn. However, this isn’t the reason you decided on a career in healthcare. The most important thing has always been your patients. Until recently. Now, if it weren’t for the money, you’d be off.

4. You’ve Become Disillusioned with Your Employer

You used to believe in your employer. You used to believe there were opportunities to progress your knowledge, experience, and qualifications. Then the job got in the way, and your employer doesn’t appear to care.

You may be disappointed by some of the protocols you must follow, the management, or the way that your shifts are decided. Whatever it is, you are no longer ‘at one’ with the healthcare facility where you work.

5. Your Healthcare Career Has Stagnated

You’ve been passed over for promotion. Not once. Not twice. Three times. Your qualifications and experience are spot on. But this doesn’t seem to be the criteria on which management make promotion decisions.

6. You Have Become a Clock Watcher

You used to love getting up and arriving at the hospital. You were usually early. Now you find it difficult to drum up the enthusiasm after a couple of days away from the ward. The Monday morning blues is an everyday occurrence for you. As soon as you start your shift, you are wishing it had finished.

7. You’re invisible to Your Colleagues

In team meetings, your opinions are ignored. During breaks, you sit on your own. Your contributions aren’t recognized by your boss or others. You used to have a great relationship with your team, but now it’s strained. When you walk in a room, others walk out.

It’s important that you feel like part of the team. After all, you are with them for most of each shift. If you’ve tried everything you can to alter the atmosphere, but nothing has worked, the strain is going to start to show.

You’ve Grown Out of Your Role and Away from Your Employer

It can be hard to admit that the time is right to move on. You’ve been in your job a while, and you feel dedicated to your patients, your team, and even your employer. But you know things aren’t right. You love the job you do, and yet doing the job you love is making you unhappy.

It could be time to make the move into a telehealth job – and benefit from all the advantages that working from home and doing the job you love offers.

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