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We provide a telehealth learning modality that is solely focused on meeting the needs of students, nursing/allied health programs, and academic institutions.  The ClinEd Telehealth experience is a high-quality, interactive, 60-minute, therapeutic session that includes intake, evaluation/assessment, treatment, documentation, referral out (if indicated), billing, and scheduling. With collaboration from the academic fieldwork/clinical coordinators, students will be assigned to a licensed clinician of their same discipline to provide telehealth services to the client. This is not a simulation, this is 21st-century healthcare. All ClinEd Telehealth services are delivered via our secure HIPAA platform in an asynchronous format. Therefore, ClinEd Telehealth can be used as an alternate pathway for completing clinical education requirements.

ClinEd Telehealth strives to revolutionize the clinical education experience by aligning student learning outcomes with the 21st century, healthcare practice.

When academic programs adopt an integrated and experiential approach to clinical education using telehealth learning technologies, programs are able to create learning objectives that more closely align with and reflect contemporary practice models in the nursing and allied health

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October 29, 2020