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Job Description:

The main objective of the Hospitalist Coordinators at TeleHealth is to help coordinate the care and workload of the Hospitalist. They use their clinical expertise to triage incoming phone calls and request of the Physician. Because the Physician has three job roles; 1. Nocturnal admissions at rural hospitals 2. Post-acute consultative services, and 3. The quarterbacking role for internal transfers, multiple request often come at once. The Coordinator helps triage the most important to the physician first and assists with the other phone calls, answering questions that are within their scope. They assist the physician in completing risk score of the post-acute patients, helping to identify those patients that are high risk for readmission and would require a schedule visit from the Hospitalist.

Job Duties

* Review medical records and complete high-risk scores for patient in the post-acute setting. This helps the Hospitalist to identify those high-risk patients that need to be rounded on.

* Triage phone calls using clinical expertise to help priorities needs.

* Consults with external site to help decide if calls need to be escalated to physician.

* Completes tasks from the Health Answers team that have been escalated to them. This assist patients that have been discharge assure the questions are answered and discharge needs are met.

* Receive lab results and input results into computer.

* Maintain schedule of post-acute visits.

* Maintains list of follow up items needed for patient care to assure items are completed.

* Cover the Intermountain at Home patient phone line during the night.

* Triage phone calls from the Intermountain at Home patients during the night

* Answer cross cover calls on patients in rural hospitals that the TeleHospitalist is covering at night. Escalating to the physician as needed.

* Cover the InCrew nurse phone line: answering questions for new nurses in the inpatient setting and referring them to where they can find resources for procedures and protocols.

* Run twice daily huddles with the nursing supervisors, patient placement, and hospitalist coordinators across the state, so everyone can no bed availability for transfers/offloads.

Job Essentials

Clinical Excellence:

Reviews hospitalists' patient census and uses clinical expertise to divide patient loads to create work-list each day. This includes reviewing on-going census changes due to discharges and new admissions, reviewing pertinent patient information to facilitate physician rounding, and planning the day for physicians to see patients in an appropriate order.

Organizes the logistics for physician rounds by gathering paperwork, forms, and medication reconciliation and prepares orders and prescriptions for discharging patients by obtaining patient information, preferred pharmacy, preferred place to obtain follow up labs, etc. at the direction of the physician.

Maintains appropriate communication with community physicians and assists the Hospitalists with appropriate hand-off. Screens and, where appropriate, answers questions from patients and families post discharge. Fields questions from pharmacies, mortuaries, etc. and appropriately fill out forms for death certificates and billing requests.

Patient Engagement:

Works with physicians and patients to actively improve patient engagement and patient satisfaction scores by answering questions in ways patients can understand, spending time alleviating family and patient concerns, and providing written information and resources.

Operational Effectiveness:

Uses resources effectively and looks for ways to reduce cost while maintaining positive clinical and service outcomes. Works with Hospitalists, Case Management, and Social Services to identify barriers to care, reduce length of staym and decrease cost.

Employee Engagement:

Role models and fosters an environment of professionalism and personal engagement in the department and hospital by treating each other with mutual respect and working with physicians, members of the interdisciplinary team, and management to create a dynamic environment that fosters trust and feedback.

Physician Engagement:

Works with Physicians to develop standardized processes and approaches for treatment for various diseases using evidence based medicine. Provides physician reminders for consistent, quality practice.

Works to represent Intermountain Healthcare in a positive way by explaining the hospitalists' role to patients and families in a way they can understand. Reinforces Hospitalists role, manages up each physician, and thoroughly describes Primary Care Provider and Hospitalists relationship to patients and families.

Community Stewardship:

Participates in opportunities to market the hospitalists program to outlying clinics.

Performs follow up phone calls on discharged patients to ensure questions are answered and concerns are addressed.

Minimum Qualifications

Current RN License in state of practice.

* and –

Basic Life Support Certification (BLS) for healthcare providers.

Two years of clinical hospital experience.

* and –

Basic computer experience.

* and –

Professional verbal and written communication skills.

* and –

RNs hired or promoted into this role need to have or obtain their BSN within three years of hire or promotion.

Preferred Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in Nursing (BSN). Education must be obtained from an accredited institution. Degree will be verified.

Experience in training and auditing procedures.

* and –

Clear understanding of health care products, ethics policies, and internal processes.

* and –

Working knowledge of IDX, Clinical Workstation, AS400, LINC, OVID, and the Int.

Physical Requirements:

Ongoing need for employee to see and read information, labels, monitors, identify equipment and supplies, and be able to assess patient needs.

* and –

Frequent interactions with patient care providers, patients, and visitors that require employee to verbally communicate as well as hear and understand spoken information, alarms, needs, and issues quickly and accurately, particularly during emergency situations.

* and –

Manual dexterity of hands and fingers to manipulate complex and delicate equipment with precision and accuracy. This includes frequent computer use and typing for documenting patient care, accessing needed information, etc.


Valley Center Tower

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The salary range for this position is:

$32.41 – $48.26

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