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Collaborates with nursing staff, physicians and other appropriate personnel in order to provide appropriate, timely and efficient respiratory care. Provides ventilator support during cardiopulmonary resuscitation and maintains life support equipment. Coordinates patient care in conjunction with nursing and other departments. Maintains patient rights and confidentiality of patient information. Performs all duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with our Mission, Values, and Mercy Service Standards.


Safety/Risk Management

Infection Control:
Follows Universal Precautions
Follows CDC Guidelines when cleaning all respiratory equipment
Follows procedures for hazardous materials spill; reporting and clean up
Assures that gas cylinders are stored/secured appropriately
Sharps placed in receptacle and needles not recapped.
Assures that home/rental equipment (CPAP/BiPap, etc.) is properly checked
electrically before use.(Check cords)
Assures that patients going home with oxygen are given instruction prior to
Performs equipment safety checks ie. ET tray, resuscitation bags etc.
Utilizes proper body mechanics.
Patient Rights:
Knocks on door prior to entering room when appropriate
Pulls curtain during procedure
Does not discuss patient information expect for patient care
Keeps clipboard covered to maintain patient privacy
Medical record information kept confidential
Coordination of Services

Patient Education:
Explains purpose of therapy and medication upon therapy initiation
Identifies patients with specific disease process
Identifies patients that would benefit from pulmonary rehab.
Family Education:
Explains purpose of therapy and medications to patient family members
Explain disease process to family members
Offers encouragement and support to families of patients with acute chronic
Quality Monitoring:
Identifies area for improvement and initiates PI process
Participates in data collection for PI process
Turns in compiled data in a timely manner according to Respiratory Care Manager.
Consultation to Multidisciplinary Team:
Responds and assist other teams needs with regards to patient care.
Evaluates and recommends additional and/or change of therapy.
Coaching and cross-training team members:
Acts as a resource to other Respiratory Team Members
Serves as preceptor for students during RT clinical rotations
Therapy modalities, outcome focused:
Completes Respiratory Evaluation per Respiratory Policy and Procedure.
Acts as a resource to other Respiratory team members to assist with
development of Respiratory Care Plan
Contacts physician directly when a change is indicated in patient’s respiratory
care plan
Cooperates with ancillary departments/other teams in coordinating testing and
Documentation and charge monitoring:
Documentation of therapy is complete as per respiratory Policy and Procedure. This includes being thorough with each therapy documentation in Epic.
Completes and updates Epic worklist by the end of the shift.
Ensures that treatments/procedures given are charged in Epic.

Basic Aspects

Respiratory management:
Administers routine respiratory care ( UDN, MDI, CPT) with adequate
Able to set-up and maintain appropriate oxygen deliver devices.
Able to titrate FiO2 per Respiratory Protocol / Policy and Procedure.
Stays abreast of new respiratory interventions.
Routine equipment management:
Notifies appropriate individual when supplies are low for re-order.
Knows proper procedure to obtain rental equipment when necessary.
Responsible for changing O2 tanks on assigned area.
Changes nebulizer set-up as per policy.
Identifies problem with equipment; follows procedure to report appropriately.
Assists with equipment location at time of six month Preventative Maintenance
Assists with analysis of new equipment and respiratory products.
Functional status improvement:
Works with other disciplines to improve Activities of Daily Living (ADL's)
Is aware of objectives for patient therapy and works with patient to achieve
goals before discharge
Aware of discharge plans and assists with respiratory educational needs
before discharge; i.e. O2, Nebs, etc.
Complex Aspects

Acid base management:
Perform ABG punctures
Reviews ABG results on all patients form assigned area.
Confers with nursing staff/physicians with regards to ABG results.
Contacts and consults with physician regarding appropriate ventilator changes
based on ABG results
Medication administration:
Keeps abreast of new respiratory medications on the market.
Knows indications for use of all respiratory meds used at St. John's Mercy
Hospital and Respiratory Meds on Formulary.
Demonstrates correct use of Omnicell
Knows adverse reactions for all respiratory meds used at St. John's Mercy
Hospital and procedure to follow if adverse reaction occurs.
Life-saving management:
CPR certified and current.
Demonstrates knowledge and becomes certified in the following:
Responds to all hospital-wide emergencies – Code Blue, MERCI team, Code Red, Code W,
Code Pink, Code D, Trauma Code, Trauma Alert, and Code Section
Sets up and sets alarms, trouble shoots Apnea Monitor
Specialized procedure/diagnostics:
Assists with bedside bronchoscopies
Assists with bedside tracheostomies
Performs routine trach care.
Performs bedside spirometry

Behavior management, goal setting, patient education:
Identifies patients in need of smoking cessation and address in sensitive
Initiates teaching packets and notifies physician that formal teaching was
Identifies patients that would benefit from nicotine patch or gum therapy
Therapist driven protocols:
Follows therapist driven protocols per policy.
Assists with revision of Therapy Driven Protocols.
Discharge Planning:
Assures patient understands use and safety issues of home O2
Respiratory treatment upon discharge
Personal Communication:
Maintain positive attitude, accepts constructive feedback, offers constructive
feedback in a positive manner
Demonstrates proper phone etiquette
Use zone phone/beeper in appropriate area

Ventilator management:
Calculates Ideal Body weights to achieve correct VT Ranges
Completes ventilator document flow sheet in Epic thoroughly – includes care plan note,
Patient data, Ideal Body Weight etc
Complete PI tool
Serves as a resource to all team members in regards to ventilator
Makes recommendations to physician regarding vent changes.
Non-invasive ventilation monitoring:
Familiar with operation of CPAP/BiPAP unit.
Is knowledgeable in equipment needed to make a complete set-up for
Knows how to determine proper size for nasal/full face mask , nasal pillows
with appropriate spacer
Computer management:
Night shift responsible for all daily charges in Epic.
Completes training in Epic.
Understands mechanism for patient charges in Epic.
Able to use computer to retrieve confidential patient diagnostic test results.


Education: Must be a graduate of an AMA accredited Respiratory Therapy program with an Associates Degree or Bachelors Degree in Respiratory Therapy.
Licensure: Licensed in the state of Missouri.
Certifications: ACLS, NRP, within 1st year of hire. PALS within 2 years of hire.


We Offer Great Benefits:

Day-one comprehensive health, vision and dental coverage, PTO, tuition reimbursement and employer-matched retirement funds are just a few of the great benefits offered to eligible co-workers, including those working 48 hours or more per pay period!



We’re bringing to life a healing ministry through compassionate care.

At Mercy, our supportive community will be behind you every step of your day, especially the tough ones. You will have opportunities to pioneer new models of care and transform the health care experience through advanced technology and innovative procedures. We’re expanding to help our communities grow. Join us and be a part of it all.

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Mercy has determined this is a safety-sensitive position. The ability to work in a constant state of alertness and in a safe manner is an essential function of this job.

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