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Evaluates and treats patients of all ages, modifying plan of care as appropriate. Serves as a role model in delivery of professional services and as a clinical resource for staff and students. Primary location is Carle Hoopeston with flexibility to float to outpatient in Hoopeston or inpatient at Urbana hospital based on volume at Hoopeston.

  • Demonstrates ability to perform patient transfers with assistance as needed from bed, chair and floor, if applicable. Is aware of and demonstrates safe and appropriate body mechanics to reduce the risk of injury to self, staff and patients.
  • Demonstrates respect by treating our patients and each other with dignity and respect, being empathetic and caring, and staying fully engaged with those who need our services.
  • Designs an appropriate plan of care that integrates goals, treatment, outcomes, and discharge plan. Adjusts the care based on patient response and available evidence.
  • Educates patients, family, caregivers, students, and other health care providers using relevant and effective teaching methods.
  • Evaluates clinical findings to determine physical therapy diagnoses and outcomes of care.
  • Performs examination, selecting reliable and valid examination methods relevant to the chief complaint, results of screening, and history.
  • Produces documentation in accordance with the Clinical Process Policy (CTSCP67).
  • Screens patients using procedures to determine the effectiveness of and need fortherapy services, if appropriate.
  • Uses support personnel according to legal standards and ethical guidelines. Monitors the care delivered by support personnel and provides regular feedback.
  • Evaluates patients impairments related to orthopedic and neurologic conditions
  • Establishes a plan of care based on functional deficits and patients goals
  • Completes objective testing for range of motion, strength, and performance of daily functional tasks
  • Completes daily documentation and charging in therapy EMR
  • Applies tape for stabilization, facilitation, or inhibition of movement
  • Completes therapeutic modalities as appropriate including ultrasound, interferential, iontophoresis
  • Communicates with referring provider on patient progress and treatment recommendations
  • Completes annual requirements as per therapy clinical ladder for senior status which includes supervision of students, completing an approved project, and one in-service training

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